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Social Issues 'n' Stuff with Skawiński

you know...fun stuff

Hullo ^^

I am nothing more than your regular next-door scalebutt. I love meeting new faces, so feel free to introduce yourself and befriend the crocodile.

Briefly about me - I am Polish, but have moved out to the UK on July 3rd, 2010. I am currently completing my studies in English and German and the local Uni of Huddersfield, and really enjoying education and most aspects of life on the Isles.
Personally, I am an open-minded and friendly crocodile bloke. I am caring and protective towards my friends, would never let them be harmed by anybody. If pissed, I bite back and tear off whole limbs, rar >:D

I also do doodles. Naughty doodles. Feel free to check out my FurAffinity page. I also post stuff here on eLJay as well. I've had a love for anothro characters ever since I recall. In fact, it's got naughty at a pretty early stage...perverted me :D
Aside of that, I have a passion for the marvellous decade of 1980's. No seriosuly, I am crazy at that point, save yourself while you can.
I love hockey - Canadians have corrupted me in many ways during my visits there :)

Bit of a crummy intro, but there you go. I'm not a promiscuous writer *grin*