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I've noticed over the several last years I've become less and less excitable (guess that is part of being a boring old grown-up).

Could say I miss times when a trip somewhere or meeting somebody would make me all giddy and jumpy, butterflies-in-stomach sort of feeling. Don't get that much anymore, sadly.

One nice exception that has come about recently is our trip to Canada at the end of August. Seeing friends across the whole country, west to east, over three weeks, until halfway through September. Admittedly, I haven't been this excited for a trip for a while.

Firstly, we're stopping in Vancouver for a little over a week. The first city I've ever visited in Canada, it's definitely a special place for me. It will be great seeing my friends there, haven't had the chance to meet up since 2014.

Same goes for Calgary, the next stop on our route, and then on Sept 10th we head for Montreal (via Winnipeg), which will be the first ever trip to Eastern Canada. And then to round it all off, a day in Toronto before takeoff back home.

Buzzy is already buzzing about the trip, it being his first proper excursion into beautiful Canada. Got all of our travel papers printed off, just packing up next week and we're ready to fly away. Butterflies in my stomach are hopefully a positive sign of things to come. Can't wait for this trip.
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