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I guess it's only just now that the reality of what went down in Orlando started sinking in. And how certain media outlets seem to be eager to brush homophobic aspect of it under the carpet.

A Muslim radical, who clearly had a dislike for LGBT people, stormed into an LGBT night club killing 50 people. Some of them surely weren't gay but the point still stands - fucker went there with the intent of inflicting death and harm upon LGBT people. That's what it is. Don't generalize and gloss over it.

Typically I don't feel much affiliation with the LGBT community, seeing the furry fandom as my main domain, but then this feel somewhat different. It stings because obviously I am gay too so there's a link between me, my bf, my friends and all those poor people who have been gunned down out of hatred for homosexuals.

It could have been anyone, because you can never tell where something like this will happen. But in this case it was a deliberate attack on gay people, people like me, whose only 'crime' is loving and feeling attracted to people of the same sex. And there's also no telling where such a homophobic act could happen. It could have been any one of us in that club.

Don't fucking patronize, generalize it by saying "it's just a crime against people trying to have fun". This is bullshit. He knew what he was doing and this needs to be acknowledged, a radical Muslim cunt with a livid hate for gays went on a killing spree aimed at them.

I wouldn't say this is going to make me join Pride, at least not the one where nudity and drinking seems like the main objective. I don't want that. I wouldn't do this in public myself. But we could use Pride that reminds us that there's still prejudice out there, even in our own backyard. There's still many people who wish we'd disappear. And many countries where being gay is punishable by death, like Saudi Arabia. This needs highlighting.

Twats like Omar Mateen are numerous. But even in our own 'backyard' there's people "praying" for us to be "cured". Denying us our basic entitlements and citizens, taxpayers and human beings. In principle they aren't any better although their methods differ. And this is what I would like to see raised and exposed. For the sake and memory of all those guys and gals from Orlando and elsewhere.
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