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Took Xolani to a Polish wedding this weekend. Being the sole British guest it turned out he apparently managed to outdrink every other guest at the table, myself included. The wasp seems to have quite some capacity for vodka too!

All in all, a fantastic celebration centered around my friends' Tomek and Żaneta's wedding. They really went out their way to create a memorable reception for us guests, who were all absolutely overjoyed to be seeing them enter a new path in their lives.

One thing that definitely stood out for the first-timer at a Polish wedding was the amount of music and dancing involved. No wonder why this is done, though, it's a perfect solution against rapid alcohol poisoning, you would basically sweat out all the booze while dancing and partaking in wedding games.

Ah yes, the wedding games, otherwise known as 'oczepiny'. It's a Polish wedding tradition that involves all sort of games for all the guests with the bride and groom at the center of it all. Typically always involves a game where the new prospective newlyweds are chosen over the course of some elaborate and ridiculous game. There's much more, like the locomotive or dancing in a circle with some competition involved. Great fun, those kinds of weddings really put a smile on your face when you get into it.

What definitely did make people smile was Xolani's drinking exploits. I called quits past 3am because it was getting too much for me. They all kept going and eventually buzzy was one of the last people left drinking. They all drank to him being so impressed with his composure and tolerance for vodka!

Both me and him were also the only gay couple there, although turned out one of the bride's relatives is also a gay, and was pretty keen to talk to us too. He said it made him happy to see us both present together as he and his partner couldn't do so due to his mother's backward views.

Had a great time, and even jumped in on the dance floor to teach Xolani some dance moves. Best of all, nobody cared. Or they were very, very drunk by that point. Next wedding for me is the 25th this month, where I will also be the best man. Welp.
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