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megaman croc


Seeing I don't do it often it was definitely a night to remember as on the Feb 5th I joined my friend Tark at the Illuminaughty rave at Manchester's Ritz.

I have managed to recover after a night sleepless night although I paced myself with any ingested substances knowing that I don't want to feel like shit the next day. My compadre definitely looked maxed out on the journey back to Liverpool XD

I don't really go out to raves and or concerts much anymore so this was a pleasant and totally enjoyable change. Tark's friend Clare was nice enough to put us up for the night, which in the end we didn't really need as we didn't sleep at all, only dropped our stuff at hers. Nevertheless, was great fun hanging out together, and seeing she's of Polish descent there was lots of common topics from the get-go.

The rave itself, as any rave, full of various stimuli. The music, on-stage acrobatics, decorations and lighting were top notch, as was my company for that. Talkative Tark made sure we made some new friends along the way too. I was mostly focused on dancing my ass off for most of the night, which I have happily accomplished.

Met a local furry too, who was totally swaying his tail all shirtless and cute. But also had a very brief scuffle with some drunken waste of breatheable air who threw some homophobic slur at him. Security took care of that scumbag at least and we managed to enjoy the rest of the night. Maybe apart from one horny chick who unsuccessfully tried to pick me up. Oh well.

All in all a fun night out and definitely one experience to savour. I have to say I am pretty glad that when I do want to go to a rave there is someone local who's always happy to go. As a matter of fact he does much more than me in that regard anyway. Guess in any case these things help make you feel like a juvenile snap ^.=.^


That sounds like an absolute blast. =:D Indeed, I suppose if there's enough energy in the air, even trying to get to sleep afterwards.. well, closest I can think of was back in Orange County one night, snuggled up, and I heard this loud rumbling sound, like a train running very close by, except I knew there weren't any lines anywhere near. At that point, everyone else leapt into action, realising it was a quake. ^_^; Thankfully, not near us, but some 60 miles NW, in Simi Valley - but still, I felt that weird shimmying of the ground, like a simulator brought to life. After that, I was jazzed as no espresso could manage. ^_^

So, will you be in the fur (or equivalent) next time? ^_^

Very good to hear security had no problem ditching the wannabe troublemaker. I suppose it takes time for the message to seep through to those sorts. =:P

Thanks for the photos, too! They do set the tone beautifully. ^_^
It was good, I'm glad I went and wanna do more such events in the future. We didn't have any ground rumbles thankfully but I can definitely imagine what it must have felt like. I actually slept through an earthquake once :P

I don't really have any furry/scalie gear as such so it'll probably be just plain old me. Though I wish I could at least get ahold of some scalie gloves with claws...

I snapped the pics with my cell so they're far from brilliant. That's actually my only option for taking pics atm since my camera seems to have kicked the bucket at least until I get it fixed. May have to buy a new one perhaps.
Wow, Homophobia at a rave... I didn't think such a thing was possible.

At least the guy was kicked out.
Yeah, that happened, although it was in Manchester so you could expect something like that. There was quite a few drunken scumpots waltzing around.