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megaman croc


So the year 2016 has finally arrived, now we're closer to 2030 then to 2000, and to think how much of a milestone the turn of the milleniun was supposed to be...

Personally 2015 has been mostly kind to me, with the highlight being my move to Liverpool in late January and living with with my first and only and hopefully last boyfriend Xolani. So far so good, to say the least :B

Liverpool has been amazing to live in, can't say I've ever inhabited in a city quite like it, despite some hardships brought upon by the Scouse dialect. Now I know 'wyyykghhhhh' means "work". That was a hard first lesson to learn.

Had an amazing time in the Czech Republic attending CeSFur in June but then things took a turn for the worse in July, the brunt of stress brough by my mom's illness. Thankfully she made a full recovery and has been well ever since.

Two of my friends got married in September, and there's three more weddings to attend over the course 2016. So there's every indication that this is going to be a busy year on many fronts. And that's good. Worst feeling I can think of is just coasting through a whole year without having done anything meaningful. Busy is always better than tedious.

In other words, I hope you all have the least tedious and most positively exciting New Year 2016. Do something unforgettable, make someone very happy, and be happy yourselves.


At least we're finally starting to look out into space again, with tentative lunar missions planned, and Mars being given genuinely serious consideration. SpaceX just achieved its first terran landing, toward a reusable launch vehicle, and Reaction Engines' SABRE continues apace toward a single-unit engine capable of zero to Mach 5, for high speed suborbital transport, and the ability to perform satellite launches from a high altitude, at vastly lower cost than anything hauling all its propellant up from ground, rather than being able to use atmospheric oxygen while usefully available.

2015 was, for me, a year of being told to wait. A very deeply frustrating, and rather depressing time. I'm hoping 2016 will see an end to those phases, and onward to their next stages. ^_^
I've just watched a short documentary about SpaceX and that first successful reusable rocket launch. I think several years down the line this is going to be part of history books, and here's hoping they can develop this commercially.

Claws are crossed, for us both, and let 2016 be a year of fulfilment on all fronts. Got several plans for this year, mostly travel-related, but apart from what been thinking about a language class of some sort. Would be cool to learn another one, seeing that I have a base in German and some bits of Russian still lingering in my head :P