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megaman croc


So the 24th has arrived, Christmas Eve, and I have to say this year turned out to be a pretty successful. Our Wigilia was most enjoyable for all parties involved, my mom, dad, sister, her bf and myself, and the gift exchange added so much fun.

After a nice evening together watching movies I met up with two friends of mine, a married couple as of Sept 26th this year, and together we celebrated our annual tradition of midnight mass at the Dominican church. Listening to the sermon and singing carols was pretty heartwarming and for myself there's definitely something to take out of this.

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas, however you should celebrate this time, may all the worries and woes that everyday life brings take a back seat for now and just enjoy yourselves, the company of those you hold dear, and hope these few days are a worthwhile period in your lives.


It's good to know you're having a good time of it. ^_^ Likewise here - I'm down with Mum for a few days. We've been out to a really good local pub for dinner twice (quite a standard looking menu, but really well done - the chicken, gammon, and leek pie, f'rex, was absolutely stuffed with chicken chunks in a lovely creamy sauce, topped with puff pastry, and served with real chips, and peas. Plus a good selection of local ciders and some proper beers, all in a lively, cozy atmosphere.. it's no surprise they're always busy!), but today, of course, was for me to do my turn. ^_^ Ahh, duck's such a lovely meat, and the bacon wrapped Brussels turned out every bit as tasty as I'd hoped. =:9
Yeah, it was good time, already back home but those weeks and a bit I spent there were mostly enjoyable, can't complain ^^

Now I need to pick up the gym and stuff again, seeing that my ankle is a lot better now (had an Achilles tendon problem). My biggest craving is getting back to practicing soccer tricks but that may have to wait a bit. British weather isn't helping either, although at least here we've been spared the floods.

Heh, I haven't been to a cozy pub in ages, even though I do enjoy them. It's not frequent that I do but I want to visit my old local when I'm in Wakefield next time :3