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Every year I see this Christmas shopping craze with people spending hundreds and thousands of [insert currency] each to come in possession of more items, for gifts or personal benefit. And that's fine, I do that as well, but every time I do that I at least try to figure out whether it's something I need/the other recipent needs or wants.

And even that's not enough. Before my trip to Poland to see family and friends, I'd been walking home from the gym one night and it struck me that any one of us can do so much more, and well beyond the scope of Christmas as well.

So I thought it'd be a decent thing to donate to a food bank or similar charity. Despite being blessed with life in the wealthier part of the world, there is such a huge number of people who can't afford to feed themselves. A disgusting statistic, seeing how much food is wasted every year per capita. I don't think I can just not care about this anymore, especially since I come from an area where some people I knew had that same problem in the past.

I'm going to try and make that first donation before Christmas and after I've come back to Liverpool I'll be looking into making this a regular, monthly thing. This isn't going to be anything huge but if more people do the same thing we can actually make a difference in someone's life.

There's no kids on this planet that can make an effort to learn at school without at least one hot meal a day. And it's a real shame that this is even a problem in Britain, or Poland for that matter.
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