Skawiński (skawinski) wrote,


Lately there have been a few things on my mind that have caused me some pretty far-reaching disappointment and dismay.

It started with the October parliamentary elections in Poland where a bunch of nutcases and bigots were given the mandate to run the country with a majority in the house (thank FUCK not a constitutional majority!) and in cahoots with the new president elected earlier this year.

So far the new president has managed to create a shitstorm by pardoning a minister candidate for the new govt who has an ongoing trial for fraud. The law does not allow for giving pardon to anyone with an ongoing case.

Furthermore, the new government will pretty much run the country bankrupt if given enough time, trying to make do with all the promises they've made to the electorate. Worst of all, the party that won (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość) are known for being xenophobic, quarrelsome, homophobic and very strict on preserving the heavy influence of the Catholic Church over politics in Poland.

The absolute nail to coffin for me is electing several nationalists and outright fascist-leaning pricks who are now allowed to spew their hatred lounder than ever and spread intolerance in a country that had the unfortunate experience of being ransacked and run to ground by the Nazis.

Fucking Poles should know better than that. That's my biggest disappointment here, half of the country where I was born is just plainly dumb and opted for giving power to the bunch that deserves it least, and certainly has no good in mind for the country and its people regardless of their skin color, religion or sexual orientation.

The disappointment with so many of my countrymen has reached such depths that I don't even wish to read any related news from the place. I don't want to go there either but I will for the sake of family and friends. Hugely let down by all the rest that has happend.

One other huge let-down was served by someone who I thought was a friend but turned out the opposite, with the addition of being an apparent manipulator. I don't need to get into detail with his actions but least to say rejection and backstabbing feels pretty bad. But it's his call, I certainly don't need someone like that in my life.

I suppose everyone has had a shiver sent down their spine after the Paris attack. I honestly don't know where the fuck is this world going to or where I stand amid the turmoil. It's just been pretty bitter on many fronts lately, although I couldn't be thankful enough for those who I have around me and who have been there when needed. You know who you are and always remember that you can count on reciprocity. Thanks.
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