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megaman croc


Croco's been a helpful snapper lately! One of my old school chums decided he wants to move back to the UK so upon his arrival helped him find a place to rent nearby, in Runcorn. We ended up walking to the place from the train station by foot due to Runcorn's fucked up street layout (that's a general rule for British cities and towns) and the lack of a bus stop for the bus route I had looked up.

My friend's new landlord seemed pretty astounded when we told him we walked to his place but nevertheless turned out a nice guy and now Kuba, my buddy, has a nice place to stay. Couple that with getting a job in two days and it seems he's well settled in. Really enjoyed living in London half a year ago so I think he'll like it here even more.

Apart from him, there's another old school friend of mine living nearby. We all know each other so it's pretty fun having them live so close. And then again can't blame them, Britain is a very friendly place to lay down roots.


Runcorn is weird even by UK standards, thanks to the Busway. I've never seen anything quite like it elsewhere.
I'm going there again today...wish me luck :P