Skawiński (skawinski) wrote,

Indian Summer

Lovely Indian summer here in Poland. Spending some time here seeing my family and friends until Sept 30th, and attending a good friend's wedding on the 26th too.

Sadly this means definitely no Rainfurrest and seeing friends in Canada and the States but hopefully next year. Apart from that, been having a swell time here, having just made it back to my mom's after seeing dad for a few days.

Visiting him is always fun as we seem to get along very well these days. This also gives me the opportunity to see some old friends from my childhood as well as my goddaughter, a very smart and incredibly amusing soon-to-be two-year-old. Even managed to meet some old family friends again after not seeing them at all for 13 years!

Even squeezed in a nice hiking trip in the mountains but there wasn't enough time for a day trip across the border to the Ukraine or a tour around the new Arłamów resort. Hoping next time I can manage both.

Definitely one point to raise next time is that I'm not single and in a relationship with a guy. Kinda tired of getting constantly asked these relationshippy questions in the girlfriend context. I mean, I don't even think anyone that matters to me over there would mind. There's even a trans couple that moved there a while ago and nobody seems to have any problems with that.

Also, saw my old neighbor Jacek who's on a three-week drinking binge. Not great but then again there's not much change as he's always been drinking like that. Nice guy but has a problem for sure.

Seeing grandma today and then some old university friends later in the evening when I make my way back to Rzeszów. Should be good and I hope this warm weather lasts till the end of my stay. It's been a good visit so far, making the best of each and every day so far.
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