Skawiński (skawinski) wrote,

On The Bright Side

I've had an evening of deep thinking and some realizations. Like totally not because I'm baked. But with those recent waves of bad news I thought it'd be good to try and figure some things out, so it's easier at the minute and then inevitably in the future.

Everybody has a sell-by date that no one can ever predict. Death is a stable element of life, always has, and while it is sad to be losing someone dear, unexpectedly or after a long struggle, there is also another aspect that is worth considering.

Life still goes on and you're alive and still here. However many days you may have left, make the most of it, live it to the full and appreciate the people you still have around. Let them know it everyday that you care and you're there.

I can see how the Central American see the idea of "celebrating death". Celebrate the fact you're still here and comemorate those who are gone through a celebration of life.

I've been pretty miserable because of these recent events, my friend's death and my mother's illness, and a host of other smaller things as well, but all things considerered I'm still here, alive and well, and have many more dear people to care for and appreciate. I can also make more. I remember those who have passed away and cherish them by taking joy with the gift of life that they, too, have enjoyed.

Yeah, I rarely get this philosophical (even had trouble spelling "philosophical", lol) but these sorts of thoughts are on my mind often. It's good to get it out and write about it sometimes, and I have neglected writing up my personal doings and thoughts a fair bit lately. And my dick is is my partner's behind. So there's also another side of baking.
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