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Up and Down

So the last month or so has been very much up and down for me. Some very good and rewarding times and some real downers too. The latest is the sudden passing away of my friend and drum instructor Kevin.

He was such an immensely positive person, really talented and knowledgeable performer, always fun to talk to about the drums, sports (big Liverpool FC fan) and life in general. Even though I haven't known him for long he made a lasting impression on me, taught me some useful drums skills and will be sorely missed. I was really looking forward to learning more.

Then earlier in July my mom suffered a serious illness. She was hospitalized for two weeks with pneumonia and required invasive surgery. I was very worried for several days, and in light of what happend to Kevin, who was younger than my mom, I think my worries were fully justified. Thankfully she made it out alright.

That same month my boyfriend was diagnosed with a liver problem which later turned out to be a fatty liver (caused by some of the medication he has to take). Not that bad but as you can imagine for a while all sorts of different and worse scenarios would circle in our minds. Just wasn't a very happy time either.

My dad had a falling out with his brother, my uncle, over the care of my grandmother. Basically, from what I've been told, my uncle flipped and behaved like a twat. He hasn't spoken to my bedridden grandma for over a month now. Dad had to pick up all the pieces and arrange more frequent home care for her. I try to do as much and call her often realizing as well that each and every phone call I make may be the last one.

But then I can also well appreciate the good bits. The amazing vacation in the Czech Republic with Xolani and Tark are definetely one of those really happy moments. Then there was my mom's visit to the UK where I had the chance to show her around Merseyside and take her to a drum performance we were doing with Kevin.

Lovely, sunny, memorable day, my first live public performance on the drums that really gave me lots of confidence in what I'm doing. Got to see Kevin perform with such joy and positive energy like I haven't seen many people ever do.

I've been able to spend time with my boyfriend Xolani and see friends, Tark, Avon, Hamakei, Zarfy, Dranalith, Horza, Alex, Lupe, Stray, Luna, to name a few. Every moment with friends has been a joyuos one and I really appreciate having these people around, even if I only get to see them every now and then. So thank you. And I could surely use some downtime now after all this.


Eef. It's never an easy time, learning a friend's died.. I've known that only a couple times so far, thankfully, although I suppose that number's only set to increase as we reach our sixties and seventies. In one case, it was horribly.. well, frustrating? He wasn't an overly social sort, so it was quite normal for him to be all but invisible for prolonged periods, and not reply to email for weeks, so it took a while for the quiet worries to go sounding the alarm, culminating in leaving a phone message noting I'd be calling the police if he didn't reply soon to let me know all was well. I did so, but a friend was able to ring the doorbell first, and found out the news. *sigh*

But as you say, that's only one of the memories we have of friends who've shuffled off this mortal coil - there's also everything else we experienced in those months or years.

And you're an aspiring drummer? Ooo! What sort of styles of music are you aiming toward?

Eef, good to know Xolani's okay after all. Indeed, I wound up having to have a blood test run before embarking on this course of terbinafine, which is finally taking care of a fungal nail infection (basically athlete's foot). As it adds to the hepatic load, they wanted to make sure everything was okay before going ahead with it, given it's about a six month course, in all.
Losing family and close friends is what I dread a lot. I know it's the natural course of things but nevertheless it's something I await with open arms. And my mom seems to have fallen ill again, needed to be taken to the hospital again :/

As for drums, it's a djembe drum I've been playing. I already a small-sized one but the ones Kevin brought round were much bigger. With my shovel-sized hands it was far better to practice on those.