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Aug. 26th, 2016

megaman croc

Adventure Time

It's time for another Canadian adventure! Taking off tomorrow at noon from Manchester, bound for Vancouver. This time I will be joined by my buzz Xolani, and showing him some Canadian wonders. Can't wait to see friends too, it's been too long since the last visit. Next update from British Columbia!

Aug. 20th, 2016

megaman croc


I've noticed over the several last years I've become less and less excitable (guess that is part of being a boring old grown-up).

Could say I miss times when a trip somewhere or meeting somebody would make me all giddy and jumpy, butterflies-in-stomach sort of feeling. Don't get that much anymore, sadly.

One nice exception that has come about recently is our trip to Canada at the end of August. Seeing friends across the whole country, west to east, over three weeks, until halfway through September. Admittedly, I haven't been this excited for a trip for a while.

Firstly, we're stopping in Vancouver for a little over a week. The first city I've ever visited in Canada, it's definitely a special place for me. It will be great seeing my friends there, haven't had the chance to meet up since 2014.

Same goes for Calgary, the next stop on our route, and then on Sept 10th we head for Montreal (via Winnipeg), which will be the first ever trip to Eastern Canada. And then to round it all off, a day in Toronto before takeoff back home.

Buzzy is already buzzing about the trip, it being his first proper excursion into beautiful Canada. Got all of our travel papers printed off, just packing up next week and we're ready to fly away. Butterflies in my stomach are hopefully a positive sign of things to come. Can't wait for this trip.

Jul. 3rd, 2016

megaman croc

Sixth Form

July 3rd, 2016, marks the sixth year I've spent living in Britain. Comparing things from 2010 to how they are now, I can tell this was a different country, even though only six years have passed.

Especially the referendum-related events have really highlighted it to me how much this country has changed, and still even just the coming years, if not months, bring mostly uncertainty. Brexit. And then even the future of the United Kingdom with its four constituent states, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Will it last should Westminster vote to leave the EU?

I will admit that June 23rd was a pretty dark day for me. I was at my dad's, getting ready for a lovely day hiking up Smerek mountain, but the in the morning I read this shit and I could feel something cracking inside of me. Thus, I cannot tell whether Britain will be my home for much longer. Perhaps it will, but in the EU member state Scotland, or we'll be moving somewhere else, I don't know.

I do know that the UK feels like my home, hence why it was incredibly sad to see all the post-referendum racism and hate kicking off against the Polish and other ethnic groups which make up this wonderful and diverse country. This isn't the Britain I recall from even just a few years back. And it happens to be the Britain I've come to love, an open and diverse society where every language in the world is spoken, where every culture and cuisine in the world come together.

I don't want this taken away but ultimately only time will tell what happens and what's the best course of action. Here's hoping by the time my seventh year in Britain has passed I'll be having a better outlook on the future. And hopefully with a British citizenship by then.

Got my family round for a week and a bit in Liverpool. To mark this day we've had a good time out in town and enjoyed some gourmet burgers. Today definitely made me feel positive and feels like a worthy celebration of a pretty big chunk of my life here.

Jun. 13th, 2016



I guess it's only just now that the reality of what went down in Orlando started sinking in. And how certain media outlets seem to be eager to brush homophobic aspect of it under the carpet.

A Muslim radical, who clearly had a dislike for LGBT people, stormed into an LGBT night club killing 50 people. Some of them surely weren't gay but the point still stands - fucker went there with the intent of inflicting death and harm upon LGBT people. That's what it is. Don't generalize and gloss over it.

Typically I don't feel much affiliation with the LGBT community, seeing the furry fandom as my main domain, but then this feel somewhat different. It stings because obviously I am gay too so there's a link between me, my bf, my friends and all those poor people who have been gunned down out of hatred for homosexuals.

It could have been anyone, because you can never tell where something like this will happen. But in this case it was a deliberate attack on gay people, people like me, whose only 'crime' is loving and feeling attracted to people of the same sex. And there's also no telling where such a homophobic act could happen. It could have been any one of us in that club.

Don't fucking patronize, generalize it by saying "it's just a crime against people trying to have fun". This is bullshit. He knew what he was doing and this needs to be acknowledged, a radical Muslim cunt with a livid hate for gays went on a killing spree aimed at them.

I wouldn't say this is going to make me join Pride, at least not the one where nudity and drinking seems like the main objective. I don't want that. I wouldn't do this in public myself. But we could use Pride that reminds us that there's still prejudice out there, even in our own backyard. There's still many people who wish we'd disappear. And many countries where being gay is punishable by death, like Saudi Arabia. This needs highlighting.

Twats like Omar Mateen are numerous. But even in our own 'backyard' there's people "praying" for us to be "cured". Denying us our basic entitlements and citizens, taxpayers and human beings. In principle they aren't any better although their methods differ. And this is what I would like to see raised and exposed. For the sake and memory of all those guys and gals from Orlando and elsewhere.

Jun. 5th, 2016

megaman croc


Took Xolani to a Polish wedding this weekend. Being the sole British guest it turned out he apparently managed to outdrink every other guest at the table, myself included. The wasp seems to have quite some capacity for vodka too!

All in all, a fantastic celebration centered around my friends' Tomek and Żaneta's wedding. They really went out their way to create a memorable reception for us guests, who were all absolutely overjoyed to be seeing them enter a new path in their lives.

One thing that definitely stood out for the first-timer at a Polish wedding was the amount of music and dancing involved. No wonder why this is done, though, it's a perfect solution against rapid alcohol poisoning, you would basically sweat out all the booze while dancing and partaking in wedding games.

Ah yes, the wedding games, otherwise known as 'oczepiny'. It's a Polish wedding tradition that involves all sort of games for all the guests with the bride and groom at the center of it all. Typically always involves a game where the new prospective newlyweds are chosen over the course of some elaborate and ridiculous game. There's much more, like the locomotive or dancing in a circle with some competition involved. Great fun, those kinds of weddings really put a smile on your face when you get into it.

What definitely did make people smile was Xolani's drinking exploits. I called quits past 3am because it was getting too much for me. They all kept going and eventually buzzy was one of the last people left drinking. They all drank to him being so impressed with his composure and tolerance for vodka!

Both me and him were also the only gay couple there, although turned out one of the bride's relatives is also a gay, and was pretty keen to talk to us too. He said it made him happy to see us both present together as he and his partner couldn't do so due to his mother's backward views.

Had a great time, and even jumped in on the dance floor to teach Xolani some dance moves. Best of all, nobody cared. Or they were very, very drunk by that point. Next wedding for me is the 25th this month, where I will also be the best man. Welp.

Feb. 16th, 2016

megaman croc


Seeing I don't do it often it was definitely a night to remember as on the Feb 5th I joined my friend Tark at the Illuminaughty rave at Manchester's Ritz.

I have managed to recover after a night sleepless night although I paced myself with any ingested substances knowing that I don't want to feel like shit the next day. My compadre definitely looked maxed out on the journey back to Liverpool XD

I don't really go out to raves and or concerts much anymore so this was a pleasant and totally enjoyable change. Tark's friend Clare was nice enough to put us up for the night, which in the end we didn't really need as we didn't sleep at all, only dropped our stuff at hers. Nevertheless, was great fun hanging out together, and seeing she's of Polish descent there was lots of common topics from the get-go.

The rave itself, as any rave, full of various stimuli. The music, on-stage acrobatics, decorations and lighting were top notch, as was my company for that. Talkative Tark made sure we made some new friends along the way too. I was mostly focused on dancing my ass off for most of the night, which I have happily accomplished.

Met a local furry too, who was totally swaying his tail all shirtless and cute. But also had a very brief scuffle with some drunken waste of breatheable air who threw some homophobic slur at him. Security took care of that scumbag at least and we managed to enjoy the rest of the night. Maybe apart from one horny chick who unsuccessfully tried to pick me up. Oh well.

All in all a fun night out and definitely one experience to savour. I have to say I am pretty glad that when I do want to go to a rave there is someone local who's always happy to go. As a matter of fact he does much more than me in that regard anyway. Guess in any case these things help make you feel like a juvenile snap ^.=.^

Jan. 2nd, 2016

megaman croc


So the year 2016 has finally arrived, now we're closer to 2030 then to 2000, and to think how much of a milestone the turn of the milleniun was supposed to be...

Personally 2015 has been mostly kind to me, with the highlight being my move to Liverpool in late January and living with with my first and only and hopefully last boyfriend Xolani. So far so good, to say the least :B

Liverpool has been amazing to live in, can't say I've ever inhabited in a city quite like it, despite some hardships brought upon by the Scouse dialect. Now I know 'wyyykghhhhh' means "work". That was a hard first lesson to learn.

Had an amazing time in the Czech Republic attending CeSFur in June but then things took a turn for the worse in July, the brunt of stress brough by my mom's illness. Thankfully she made a full recovery and has been well ever since.

Two of my friends got married in September, and there's three more weddings to attend over the course 2016. So there's every indication that this is going to be a busy year on many fronts. And that's good. Worst feeling I can think of is just coasting through a whole year without having done anything meaningful. Busy is always better than tedious.

In other words, I hope you all have the least tedious and most positively exciting New Year 2016. Do something unforgettable, make someone very happy, and be happy yourselves.

Dec. 25th, 2015

megaman croc


So the 24th has arrived, Christmas Eve, and I have to say this year turned out to be a pretty successful. Our Wigilia was most enjoyable for all parties involved, my mom, dad, sister, her bf and myself, and the gift exchange added so much fun.

After a nice evening together watching movies I met up with two friends of mine, a married couple as of Sept 26th this year, and together we celebrated our annual tradition of midnight mass at the Dominican church. Listening to the sermon and singing carols was pretty heartwarming and for myself there's definitely something to take out of this.

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas, however you should celebrate this time, may all the worries and woes that everyday life brings take a back seat for now and just enjoy yourselves, the company of those you hold dear, and hope these few days are a worthwhile period in your lives.

Dec. 18th, 2015

megaman croc


Every year I see this Christmas shopping craze with people spending hundreds and thousands of [insert currency] each to come in possession of more items, for gifts or personal benefit. And that's fine, I do that as well, but every time I do that I at least try to figure out whether it's something I need/the other recipent needs or wants.

And even that's not enough. Before my trip to Poland to see family and friends, I'd been walking home from the gym one night and it struck me that any one of us can do so much more, and well beyond the scope of Christmas as well.

So I thought it'd be a decent thing to donate to a food bank or similar charity. Despite being blessed with life in the wealthier part of the world, there is such a huge number of people who can't afford to feed themselves. A disgusting statistic, seeing how much food is wasted every year per capita. I don't think I can just not care about this anymore, especially since I come from an area where some people I knew had that same problem in the past.

I'm going to try and make that first donation before Christmas and after I've come back to Liverpool I'll be looking into making this a regular, monthly thing. This isn't going to be anything huge but if more people do the same thing we can actually make a difference in someone's life.

There's no kids on this planet that can make an effort to learn at school without at least one hot meal a day. And it's a real shame that this is even a problem in Britain, or Poland for that matter.

Nov. 22nd, 2015

megaman croc


Lately there have been a few things on my mind that have caused me some pretty far-reaching disappointment and dismay.

It started with the October parliamentary elections in Poland where a bunch of nutcases and bigots were given the mandate to run the country with a majority in the house (thank FUCK not a constitutional majority!) and in cahoots with the new president elected earlier this year.

So far the new president has managed to create a shitstorm by pardoning a minister candidate for the new govt who has an ongoing trial for fraud. The law does not allow for giving pardon to anyone with an ongoing case.

Furthermore, the new government will pretty much run the country bankrupt if given enough time, trying to make do with all the promises they've made to the electorate. Worst of all, the party that won (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość) are known for being xenophobic, quarrelsome, homophobic and very strict on preserving the heavy influence of the Catholic Church over politics in Poland.

The absolute nail to coffin for me is electing several nationalists and outright fascist-leaning pricks who are now allowed to spew their hatred lounder than ever and spread intolerance in a country that had the unfortunate experience of being ransacked and run to ground by the Nazis.

Fucking Poles should know better than that. That's my biggest disappointment here, half of the country where I was born is just plainly dumb and opted for giving power to the bunch that deserves it least, and certainly has no good in mind for the country and its people regardless of their skin color, religion or sexual orientation.

The disappointment with so many of my countrymen has reached such depths that I don't even wish to read any related news from the place. I don't want to go there either but I will for the sake of family and friends. Hugely let down by all the rest that has happend.

One other huge let-down was served by someone who I thought was a friend but turned out the opposite, with the addition of being an apparent manipulator. I don't need to get into detail with his actions but least to say rejection and backstabbing feels pretty bad. But it's his call, I certainly don't need someone like that in my life.

I suppose everyone has had a shiver sent down their spine after the Paris attack. I honestly don't know where the fuck is this world going to or where I stand amid the turmoil. It's just been pretty bitter on many fronts lately, although I couldn't be thankful enough for those who I have around me and who have been there when needed. You know who you are and always remember that you can count on reciprocity. Thanks.

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